Welcome to Target Dayton Ministries

COVID-19 Update – Monday March 23, 2020

As permitted by Governor DeWine’s stay at home order, Target Dayton will continue providing essential services for the poor and homeless (disadvantaged) during the COVID-19 crisis. Onsite services will be limited to homeless sheltered individuals already grouped together in a shelter. Others who have been coming to our services for help in the past will continue to receive food and other necessities of life delivered to their housing locations. Daily sermons will be posted on Facebook Tuesday-Sunday. 

Target Dayton Ministries is a church for the poor and homeless in the inner city of Dayton Ohio. Our mission is to show God’s love to the poor and homeless through ministries of compassion and lead them to a life changing new birth in Christ. With the help of hundreds of caring volunteers and financial partners, Target Dayton served more than 45,000 delicious hot meals to the poor and homeless last year! And thousands prayed to receive Christ in over 200 evangelistic services!