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Hello. I'm Mike Allen...

"When I walked through the doors of Target Dayton I was a homeless crack addict. I came for a free hot meal. Then I heard the gospel and surrendered to Christ. I have been clean now for 16 years!" 

Mike's Story...

Hi my name is Mike! I lived a pretty normal life until I was about 40 years old. I graduated from West Carrolton H.S., got married, had a good job making good money in the cable industry, had a 401K retirement account and lived 22 years in the same home. I had a full size dually pickup truck, a 35 foot camper, and a beautiful fully dressed Harley Davidson motorcycle. (But I didn't have Jesus!)

Then I started smoking crack cocaine with my wife and over a period of about 3 years I lost everything. Including my wife. I ended up a homeless crack addict on the streets of Dayton. I lived in a tent and sometimes the homeless shelter for 5 long years, trying to get free of crack cocaine.

That’s how I ended up at Target Dayton. I heard the food was pretty good, so I hopped on a TD bus and came to a service. Like a lot of people the first time they come to TD, I didn’t pay much attention to the service. But then I started really listening to what Pastor Mark was preaching and I came to realize I needed Jesus. I finally surrendered my heart to Him and asked Him to change my life and set me free from my crack addiction.

Jesus said in John 8:36 “If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed!” And that’s just what He did for me! Jesus set me free… indeed! I’ve been clean now for almost 16 years and I’m never goin back!

I’m not homeless anymore. In fact, I have a house a few miles from here, got my own truck and 2 Harley Davidson motorcycles and a huge big dog! Of course, the main thing is Jesus changed my life! I have peace and joy and love in my heart, and I’m living to be holy and pleasing to Him now!

In fact, I’m on staff here at Target Dayton and one of my most important jobs is driving a Target Dayton bus. Six days a week, I pick up people from the homeless shelters & bring them to TD so they can find Jesus like I did. Over the years, God has used me to bring 10’s of 1000’s of people to TD!

Thank you for giving to TD! I wouldn’t be saved today if it wasn’t for good people like you who give to make this amazing ministry possible!

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