Serving at Target Dayton

Hundreds of volunteers are needed each week to serve the poor and homeless at Target Dayton.  Churches, groups and individuals are needed to sponsor and assist in ministry, food preparation, meal serving, and many other areas of service. Volunteers are also needed in increased numbers during the holidays for special Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas services.

We have volunteer opportunities currently available for our Saturday & Sunday services. There are two options for volunteering:  2:30pm-6:30pm, or 3:45pm-6:30pm.

1) Arrive at 2:30pm sign in, devotion and prayer with our ministry team, interacting with our guests before the service begins in various ways (giving out water/hot chocolate outside, greeting guests, praying with guests, passing out handouts, etc) and then flowing into our regular volunteer option at 3:45pm. 2) Arrive at 3:45pm, sign in, attend a brief orientation with recent testimonies of the ministry and training, attend the service, serving dinner, working in the kitchen, or working at a drink table, interacting personally with the guests, and assisting in clean up.

If you or your group is interested in serving at one of our weekly services please click the link below…  (ages 12+)

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We would love to hear how you enjoyed your time serving with us.  Will you please take a couple minutes to give us some feedback?  If so, please click here.