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November Newsletter 2017:

Save the poor...






October Newsletter 2017

Give to feed the poor...


September Newsletter 2017:

Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames!






August Newsletter 2017

Welcome John, Joy and Boys! 

July Newsletter 2017:

Rick is Finally Free




June Newsletter 2017:

Celebrating 15 Years of Ministry

May Newsletter 2017:

James Mitchell's Miracle Story!

April Newsletter 2017:

Target Dayton Missionaries...

March Newsletter 2017:

Good Morning Ministry!

February Newsletter 2017:

Sonya's Story

jan-newsletter-2017January Newsletter 2017:

 YOU touched so many hearts...


dec-newsletter-2016December Newsletter 2016:

Their only hope is YOU...

nov-newsletter-2016November Newsletter 2016:

Saving the Poor

oct-newsletter-2016October Newsletter 2016:

Feeding the Poor