Various Ministries

Target Dayton does not exist as just a place to provide meals and services with the poor and homeless community in Dayton, OH.  We have a call directly from Jesus to go and make disciples of all nations.  That starts locally.  We have various ministries to help us accomplish this goal.  We also offer free hair cuts once a month as a service for our guests.


We have a 7 step discipleship program available to those truly interested in being like Jesus.  The program is very intensive, weekly and lasts 1-2 years.

Target Choir

Our choir is a way for our members to have something to belong to.  People really sense they are part of a family and have a great time worshiping God together.

Bible Studies

In addition to our normal morning services, three days a week we offer various Bible Studies.  Click on "Bible Studies" to see more information.

Free Hair Cuts

Once a month, we offer free hair cuts.  The hair cut appointments usually take place on a Wednesday morning after services and last into the afternoon.  You can sign up for a hair cut before our evening service on the Saturday before the the hair cuts are to take place.  

Free Items

We stock over 50 basic items homeless people need and can't get anywhere else, from Bible to underwear.